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We Support R.A.W

R.A.W. – Rebuilding America’s Warriors

(formerly IraqStar)

The statistics are grim: more than 40,000 brave men and women have returned wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan. They must now face the daunting challenge of recovery. The military will replace the missing arms and legs with prosthetics, provide the initial surgeries to close the wounds and grafts to replace burned flesh, striving tirelessly to make our veterans functional people. But the fact stands that terrible scarring from shrapnel, burns, and wound trauma remain. Surgeries are still needed to help our veterans gain back their pre-war lives, to assist them in holding their heads high, and help them return to their homes and careers.

R.A.W. is a non-profit Foundation dedicated to providing the necessary reconstructive surgeries to assist war veterans recovering from physical and mental injuries. It is the Foundation’s hope that reconstructive surgery will also help our veterans heal from emotional trauma, increase self-esteem and ease their return to their pre-war lives.

For more information go to the R.A.W website.

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