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Jan 23, 2016

The End of an Era

A tradition in Arden Fair Mall for over 40 years, the Briar Patch has survived four owners, smoking bans and huge tobacco tax increases. Designed to look like an old English tobacco shop, the Briar Patch has been a Sacramento favorite for generations.

With the changes in tobacco tax law and increased restrictions on where cigar and pipe smokers could enjoy their pastime it became apparent we needed a larger space. The Briar Patch needed an area where our customers could enjoy a cigar or smoke their pipe in comfort, and without hassle from non-smokers. We tried unsuccessfully for several years to get Arden Fair Mall to move the Briar Patch to a larger space where we could add a smoking lounge.

In 2009 we opened a new store in Loehmann’s Plaza with nearly four times the space of our original store, and sporting seating in the store, outside and a private lounge. Last June we opened another store downtown, at 11th St and L St. While smaller than the Loehmann’s Plaza store, the downtown store also has a beautiful private lounge.

Our lease on the Arden Fair Mall store expires at the end of January. We will not be renewing it. With some sadness we are announcing the planned closure of our Arden Fair Mall location near the end of this month. We will be pleased to serve you at either our Loehmann’s Plaza or our Downtown location after the Arden Fair Mall store is closed. Both locations are larger, much more comfortable and you will continue to receive our world class service.

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